Moosehunter Order Form

You too can join the e-Commerce revolution and order your Moosehunter in advance. Just fill out the simple step-by-step form below, and your chosen Moose will delivered directly to your tent at the required time.

  1. Please identify and describe yourself:

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  2. Choose one of the following Moosehunters:

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  4. Select any of the following options that you would like to apply to your chosen Moosehunter:

          Buy them a beer of your choice.  
          Play them at Spoof.
          Sing the O song!
          Sing a chorus of Angels.
          Drink Listerene with them.
          Be e-Franked.                    
          Join in a Moosehunter cuddle.
          Be jungled.
          Share a tent with them.
  5. Please add any additional Delivery Instructions that you feel would assist: