Moosehunter Small Print

Although many rules and regulations pertaining to touring and life in general are well documented, ie the…ahem….’Oath’, there is always the opportunity to amend, repeal or indeed propose new legislation for the Moosehunter Manual. With this in mind please find below a recently passed edict, plus a white paper for your perusal and passing should it be deemed appropriate.

  1. Enhancement of rule 67, paragraph A. The ‘O’ word.

It has become increasingly apparent that many members have girded their loins to such a degree that the ‘O’ word, or should I say……

Oak       -LA-       Homer

…… for the uninitiated, is rarely if ever uttered in public, despite the fact that many unscrupulous individuals have learnt the aforementioned tune to a word perfect standard. It is with this in mind that the above rule has been enhanced to maintain our chances of witnessing a good soaking. To this end two more tuneful ditties have been included in the…’did I hear you sing ********?, I believe I did! Take that!! SPLOSH’ law of tunes not to be sung in public.


  1. Magic Changes (or What’s that playing etc), henceforth to be referred to as the ‘W’ song and;


  1. Puff the Magic Dragon, from now on to be known as the ‘P’ song.

If either of the above tunes is heard being performed in public, or more importantly in the back of the Fish Truck, then a thorough soaking is in order.

  1. Proposal of amendment to rule 24, paragraph B. Gloating.

It is proposed that instead of punishment for gloating during a round of that most gentlemanly of sports, Spoof, a successful participant should be encouraged to gleefully take pleasure at the plight of those left participating, particularly when the game is reduced to two players. This suggestion is with reference to the ‘Guernsey Rules’ version of the game, ie the forfeit decided upon once the game has been completed. In this way the sense of trepidation of the last Spoofees is heightened to apoplectic proportions. Harsh, but surely fair?